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Watkins Hire 500kw Warm Air-Handling Unit

When a First Great Western wanted help to replace portable heaters, They contacted Watkins Hire for a hire solution that provided them with equipment that had no naked flame but can still provide large volumes of safe, dry, fume-free heat air to heat the train maintenance shed at Plymouth. The building was 150m long by 50m wide and 20m high.

Watkins Hire 500kw Warm Air-Handling Unit First Great Western is part of FirstGroup plc, a UK-based leading international passenger transport group with an annual turnover of £2 billion and 50,000 employees across the UK and USA. First is the UK's largest bus operator, a major force in railways running one fifth of Britain's passenger rail network, and London's only tram operator.

The client explained to Watkins Hire that the building had 28 heat for hire portable heaters, which were not efficient at heating such a large space, the client also had many issues with the LPG and oil fired heaters:-

582-kw Heatgen boiler located outside

Watkins Hire interpreted the site requirements, equipment required for the project included a 582kW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant fueled by 35 sec fuel oil, 500kw Warm Air Handling Unit, 300 meters of 20 inch flexible ductwork, a 2400 litre bunded fuel tank, Fuel supply and management, 50 meters of flow and return pipework, system pumps to match the flow, volume and resistance of the pipe distribution network and AHU. The Heatgen was selected from one of Watkins Hire extensive fleet of 350 mobile boiler plants.

500-kw AHU producing warm air The Heatgen and associated plant was delivered the day after of the initial call, with Watkins Hire own transport and lifted onto site with Watkins Hire 12 tonne HIAB crane. With the 582kW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant in place the next phase of the project to install. The installation proceeded well with Watkins Hire engineers on site as the boiler arrived; they installed all the pipework for the flow and return lines to the internal air handling units, with Watkins approved subcontractor installing the flexible 20 inch ductwork, wit no disruption to the day to day running of the train maintenance.

From the time of delivery to site and Watkins Hire Engineers commissioning and handing over the plant to the client was completed within 2 days.

A spokesperson for the First Great Western said "We are extremely pleased with Watkins Hire and their professional approach, and the efficiency in the way the whole contract was handled, with out hesitation we will be contacting Watkins Hire again. The standard of equipment and service was second to none, we now know what they can deliver"

Ductwork distributing warm air Benefits received from Watkins Hire large space heating solution

Wherever you are located in the UK you are never too far from our friendly and experienced hire specialists. Watkins Hire are able to provide you with fast, reliable cost-effective heating rental systems. Watkins Hire are the UK's leading supplier of temporary heating solutions, with depots in Gloucestershire, Manchester, Hampshire, Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

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