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Watkins Hire 30 tons hr - 200 psi Oil Fired Steam Boilers

Gas price surge and threat on lack of supply results in hire of steam boiler plant:

Watkins Hire received an enquiry from major European Chemical producer

British businesses face paying record gas prices for the foreseeable future after November saw the biggest monthly rise since records began. Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the price of gas for businesses rose by 44.9% last month as companies pay the price for the UK's lack of fuel reserves.

The shortages of natural gas and strict targets on carbon dioxide emissions are threatening those in the chemical or industrial sectors with interruptions to supply or paying sky-high prices for the next two years, the Commons trade and industry committee has warned.

Over the last 18 months or so, many industry voices warning the Government of the potential threat to UK manufacturing from rising gas prices and security of supply. The current energy market is posing a particular threat to energy intensive manufacturers within the chemical and refining industries.

Due to the ongoing gas price hikes and the lack of gas supply, our client carried out a price comparison for operating on (diesel) light oil. With the knowledge of the significant savings that could result, after considering the feasibility of hiring in steam raising boilers, capable of providing an output of 30 tons hr at 200 psi.

Hire 30 tons hr - 200 psi Oil Fired Steam Boilers After the pricing exercise was carried out, the manufacturer decided to source steam boiler rental equipment and turned to industry leaders Watkins Hire. Mark Whittle (Technical Sales Engineer Manchester) responded to the enquiry immediately with a formal quotation and confirmed availability of the plant. Watkins Hire attended a site meeting the following day. Time was of the essence with the pending Christmas break, the client agreed to proceed with a view to complete Installation works in Early January 2006. All parties involved decided and agreed on location to site the plant. Watkins Hire followed up by providing draft location drawings and boiler data to the M & E contractor for reference purposes, including Health & Safety Method Statements and Risk Assessments, which are imperative on a project of this nature.

The boiler plant and fuel tanks were delivered on the 15th / 16th December 05. Installation work and commissioning are on course and due for completion Week 2 Jan 2006.

Mark Hills, Watkins Hire Managing Director, said: "We believe the savings that will be made are substantial, but the final decision by the customer was not only economical but one of necessity. If the MET office fears for this winter's weather are realised then many UK manufacturing companies will be face very difficult choices regarding production; measures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption will no doubt be vital. We have over 350 boilers within our boiler rental fleet, we can respond to any request for boiler plant. Every need is individual, so our expertise and experience prove vital to the provision of immediate solutions to the manufacturing industries requirements - from planned shutdowns to emergency situations and long term solutions, with our comprehensive range."

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