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Watkins hire 300kw LTHW Heatgen mobile heating boiler and 120 DHW plate heat exchanger hire

St Joan of Arc School lessons uninterrupted, unknown to the students they are being kept warm by Watkins Hire portable boiler plant.

When St Joan of Arc School primary school needed help to maintain their heating due to the failure of their own boilers. J.R Davies Consultants contacted Watkins Hire on behalf of the school for an emergency hire solution that included a 300kW LTHW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant and bunded fuel tank and 120kw plate heat exchanger to supply domestic hotwater.

Watkins Hire received and call from the consultant for the school, for an emergency heating solution to provide heating and hotwater to the 377 pupil school. The consultant for the school required a solution that had minimal interruption to the daily lectures and running of this department.

The legal requirements which specify the minimum temperatures which must be maintained in school classrooms are set out in the Education School Premises Regulations 1999. DfES guidance on meeting these requirements is set out in DfES Guidance 0029/2000, Standards for School Premises.

The Education (School Premises) Regulations require that schools must have heating systems capable of maintaining specified minimum temperatures. They also require that school rooms are actually heated up to at least those minimum temperatures and the temperatures maintained for as long as the rooms are used for their normal purpose.

The Regulations provide that, in areas where there is the normal level of physical activity associated with teaching, the appropriate minimum temperature is 18ºC (64.4ºF). In areas where there is a lower than normal level of activity (e.g. sick rooms) or higher than normal level of activity (e.g. gymnasia and also washrooms), the appropriate minimum temperatures are 21ºC and 15ºC respectively. Temperatures in school classrooms should therefore be at least 18ºC (64.4ºF).

Watkins Hire technical sales engineer discussed at length, and established the existing boiler capacity and the volume of domestic hotwater for washing purpose at peak load. Equipment required for the project included a 300kW mobile packaged boiler plant complete with pressurization set and circulating pumps, an integral 2400 litre bunded fuel tank, 120kw DHW plate heat exchanger and 144 meters of flow and return pipework, The Heatgen was selected from one of Watkins Hire extensive fleet of 350 mobile boiler plants.

The Heatgen and associated plant was delivered the day after the initial call, with Watkins Hire own transport and lifted onto site with Watkins Hire 12 tonne HIAB crane. With the 300kW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant in place the next phase of the project to install. The installation proceeded well with the M&E contractor connecting the flow and return pipework, water and electrical supply with no disruption to the day to day running of the school.

Watkins Hire Engineers commissioned the boiler rental equipment and handed over the plant to the school, with the heating back online, there was minimal disruption to the daily timetable.

A spokesperson J.R. Davies consultants complemented Watkins Hire "on their technical assessment and proposal without the benefit of visiting site, also the speed the boiler hire plant arrived on site, all within 24 hours which enable the project to move ahead quickly."

Plant failure never happens at a convenient time. Watkins Hire will help you with contingency planning. Wherever you are located in the UK you are never too far from our friendly and experienced hire specialists. Watkins Hire are able to provide you with fast, reliable cost-effective heating boiler rental systems. Watkins Hire are the UK's leading supplier of temporary heating solutions, with depots in Gloucestershire, Manchester, Hampshire, Yorkshire and the West Midlands.

Remember - Plant failure never happens at convenient times.

Watkins Hire Ltd will help you with contingency planning.

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