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Watkins hire business continuity

Many business and organisations plan for business continuity, terror attacks, power loss, I.T. failures, communications and office space. One problem disrupts more organisations on a regular basis, yet rarely forms part of the contingency planning to avoid loss of production, or a useable workspace environment.

The problem of boiler failures hit every business, every organisation there are no exceptions, we have listed a few that have experienced steam or heating boiler failure of the last few weeks that have been resolved by Watkins Hire these include abattoirs, banks, breweries, chemical refineries, contract energy management, dairy, defence, distillers, embassies, facility management, food manufacturers, glass manufacturers, growers, government departments, hospitals, laboratories, laundries, motor industry, moulding, nuclear, oil refineries, process companies, paper mills, power stations, plastics, pharmaceuticals, retailers, rubber production, schools, steel producers, textile, universities, utilities companies.

Watkins are specialist heating and steam boiler rental company operating from four main depots throughout the UK, the services provided are emergency heating boilers for PFI/PPP contracts, hospitals, prisons, military bases, schools, universities, swimming pools, libraries district heating systems and many other local government buildings. Space heating in the form of internal air-handlers.

Some council authorities who have recently utilised the services of Watkins Hire emergency heat for hire include, Kent County, Manchester City, Walsall, Newcastle County, Newcastle County, London Boroughs Islington, Brent and Chelsea, Slough Borough, Brighton Hove, Rotherham Metro & Nottingham Councils

Remember - Plant failure never happens at convenient times.

Watkins Hire Ltd will help you with contingency planning.

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