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Watkins Hire Warm Air-Handling Unit

Heat for Hire

Festive shoppers kept warm by Watkins Hire portable boiler plant and Warm Air Handling.

When a leading supermarket wanted help to maintain their heating during the recent cold snap, as there existing AHU heating system was unable to keep up with the heat demand at one of its outer London stores. They contacted Watkins Hire for an emergency hire solution that included a 100kW LTHW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant with and internal warm air-handling unit.

Watkins Hire received and call from the facility management company who maintain the store, for an emergency heating solution to supplement the stores heating system as the existing Air Handling system as unable to meet the increased demands due to the ambient temperatures of minus 8-deg C.

Watkins Hire interpreted the site requirements, equipment required for the project included a 100kW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant fueled by 35 sec fuel oil, 70kw Warm Air Handling Unit, a 2400 litre bunded fuel tank, Fuel supply and management, 150 meters of flow and return pipework, system pumps to match the flow, volume and resistance of the pipe distribution network and AHU. The Heatgen was selected from one of Watkins Hire extensive fleet of 350 mobile boiler plants.

The Heatgen and associated plant was delivered within hours of the initial call, with Watkins Hire own transport and lifted onto site with Watkins Hire 12 tonne HIAB crane. With the 100kW Heatgen mobile packaged boiler plant in place the next phase of the project to install. The installation proceeded well with Watkins Hire engineers on site as the boiler arrived; they installed all the pipework for the flow and return lines to the internal air handling units, with no disruption to the day to day running of the store.

From the time of delivery to site and Watkins Hire Engineers commissioning and handing over the plant to the store was completed within 14 hours.

A spokesperson for the store said “We are extremely pleased with Watkins Hire and their professional approach, and the efficiency in the way the whole contract was handled, with out hesitation we will be contacting Watkins Hire again should we have the misfortune of a heating plant failure, The standard of equipment and service was second to none, we now know what they can deliver”

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