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Hot Water

Beaumont Hire Ltd - Hot Water Boiler Beaumont Hire offers a range of direct fired water heaters available for firing on either natural gas or fuel oil. The smaller units in the range can also be supplied suitable for firing on lpg.

BHL’s range of direct fired water heaters enables the user to strip out the boilerhouse completely during refurbishment programmes not having to leave a calorifier in situ to maintain the hot water supply.

The BHL temporary water heaters are also an immediate solution to breakdown situations, either failure of plant or leaking storage vessels.

The water heaters are installed totally independently of the existing heating system and can usually be connected up within 3-4 hours (depending on suite conditions).

The Beaumont Hire water heater range starts at 29kW and goes up to 293 kW. All water heaters are supplied skid mounted, ready flued and weatherproofed for external location. The water heaters are all 240 V single phase.

Water Pressure: The maximum working pressure for the water heaters is 4.5 bar. Water heaters should not be connected directly to the mains.

Pairs of flexible connection hose can be hired to make the installation very simple and does away with the necessity to purchase and install long runs of rigid pipework.

Make your selection from the units below:

Model Storage Litres Hourly Recovery Through 55°C Litres Rating kW Connections (Flow & Cold Feed)
W110 273 455 29 1¼"
W125 455 1141 73 2"
W250 910 2282 146 2"
W375 1365 3439 220 2"
W4100 1820 4580 292 2"
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